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Part Number  
Operating Voltage  V   Capacitance  µF
Ambient Air Temp.  °C   Rated Voltage  V
Forced Air Rate.  m/sec   Diameter  mm
    Length  mm
  Rated Temp.  °C
Frequency (Hz) Ripple (A rms)   ESR (mOhms) Power (W)
F1 I1   ESR1 P1
F2 I2   ESR2 P2
F3 I3   ESR3 P3
F4 I4   ESR4 P4
F5 I5   ESR5 P5
F6 I6   ESR6 P6
Total Capacitor Power Loss  W   Calculated Core Temp.  °C
Thermal Resistance  °C/W   Max. Allowed Core Temp.  °C
Core Temp. Rise  °C  
The life calculation results, including intermediate calculations, are displayed below...
Life Expectancy
The number of hours before predicted end of life point is reached.
End of Life Point
Disclaimer: The results calculated in the life expectancy form are typical values only, and may therefore differ from catalog data. This data is intended for guidance purposes only and no guarantee is made in respect of the data's validity. Please contact KEMET sales for issues regarding warranties, guarantees, etc.